"...but I thought Berlin was in Germany..."

Snyder of Berlin

Early Pennsylvania was a welcoming "melting pot" for immigrants. Even today, much of the Commonwealth is home to those known as the Pennsylvania Dutch.

As the frontier moved west, numbers of these German-heritage settlers crossed the "Endless Mountains." Crossing into the center of Somerset County, they came upon a particularly wide and fertile valley, Brothersvalley. In 1771, a Township was formed.

It's only fitting that these early residents might have the optimistic vision of a booming city rising amidst their farms and industry. And perhaps with thoughts toward their former home, they laid out their new town of Berlin in 1784.

From Our Farms To Your Home!

Snyder of Berlin Big Taste from our Little Town.
Welcome to Berlin, PA (pop. 2,192). Surrounded by Somerset County farms and at 2,323 feet, we're the second highest town in Pennsylvania.

Turns out, a great place to grow the perfect low-sugar chipping potato is right here in the Laurel Highlands. The majority of our potatoes are grown within 25 miles of our fryers.

As a proud member of our community and region, our company naturally grew up from the ground just like our neighbor's crops. And we've been happy to have many of those neighbors work with us to produce some famously tasty snacks. You might like to read our History in more detail.

We started in a family kitchen. And we still take personal care so you're ensured of fresh snacks with high quality and great taste in every bag.

  Snyder of Berlin:
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Take A Video Peek Inside Our Plant.

Though we don't offer factory tours, when you drive through the country town of Berlin, PA, it smells just like potato chips.

Here's a chance to look in on what's cookin' in the Laurel Highlands.